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The Premiere EngageMore PRO CRM Software

(Powered by High Level)

Engaging Real Estate Drip Marketing Funnel Flows

(By Founder, Patti Sampson)

Weekly LIVE CRM & Marketing Coaching

(Provided By Agents for Agents)

FREE Credits Included in Every Plan

(To apply toward Emailing, SMS, AI, Phone, and more)

Database Import & Live Onboarding

(Our Support Team Rocks!)

Private Members-Only Group

(Weekly Deep Dives w/Patti)



  • Unlimited Contacts

  • Unlimited Workflows

  • Unlimited Squeeze Landing Pages

  • Unlimited Embeddable Forms & Surveys

  • Unlimited Calendars

  • Lead Capture Chat Widgets for any site

  • Built-in Blogging Pages you can add anywhere

  • Digital Document Signing

  • Missed Call Text-Back Automation

  • Video & Image Emailing & Texting

  • Deal | Opportunity Tracking & Reports

  • SMS Short Code Lead Capture

  • Ringless Voice Messaging

  • Built-in Auto Dialer

  • Two-Way Email & Text Integration

  • Google my Business Review Tool

  • Trigger Link & Video View Tracking

  • Email Open and Link Click Tracking

  • Phone Audio Messaging & Recording

  • Bulk Email and SMS Communication

  • Google Analytic & AdWords Reporting

  • Email & Phone Verification

  • Dynamic Mobile App



Monthly Price
Yearly Price

Buzz CRM

CRM Starter Plan

1 user




(2 Mos. FREE)


  • Buzz Drip Workflow Package, includes 10 Engagement Workflows

  • Buzz Funnel Page Package, includes 5 prebuilt landing page funnels and unlimited build-your-own pages

  • Website Chat Widget for any site

  • Free database import

  • Local and/or Toll-Free Number

  • $5/mo FREE credits included for email, phone, and sms dialer

  • No Contracts & No Set-Up Fees!


Impact CRM

CRM Pro Plan

1 user


Special Intro Price $117/mo


(2 Mos. FREE)


$1,170/yr annual deal

  • Impact Drip Workflow Package, including over 30 Engagement Workflows

  • Impact Funnel Page + Lead Magnet Guide Package, includes 10 prebuilt landing page funnels and unlimited build-your-own pages

  • Live Website Chat AI Widget for any site

  • Local and/or Toll-Free Number

  • AI Conversation Assistant and Content | Workflow Tools

  • Social Posting Planner & Auto Post Response

  • Monthly Real Estate Newsletters

  • Special pricing on EMPro AI Ad Generator

  • Free database import

  • $10/mo FREE credits to apply toward email, phone, sms, dialer, and AI tools

  • No Contracts & No Set-Up Fees!



IMPACT CRM + IDX Essential Site

1 User



Special Intro Price $167/mo

(2 Mos. FREE)


$1,670/yr annual deal

  • IDX Website - 3 Template options to choose from with training to edit

  • Unlimited Pages and Blog

  • Site Tracker Workflows

  • Google map widget

  • Everything in IMPACT PRO CRM Plan

  • Special pricing on EMPro 'AI' Ad Generator

  • $15 Credits to apply toward email, phone, sms, dialer, and AI tools

  • No Contracts | One Time Set-Up Fee *

  • Separate IDX Broker account required $55/mo for your MLS feed

*$197 $167 One-Time set-up Fee


IMPACT CRM + IDX Premium Site

Up to 4 CRM Users



(2 Mos. FREE)


  • IDX Website - 9 Website templates to choose from with 3 site edits included - we'll train you to edit too!

  • 5 Featured Community Areas

  • Property Valuation Tool

  • Unlimited Pages & Blog

  • Site Tracker Workflows

  • Google map widget

  • Everything in IMPACT PRO CRM Plan

  • Special pricing on EMPro 'AI' Ad Generator

  • $20 Team Credits to apply toward email, phone, sms, dialer, and AI tools

  • No Contracts | One Time Set-Up Fee *

  • Separate IDX Broker account required $55/mo for your MLS feed

* $649 One-Time set-up Fee

Not Sure which plan is best for you or have a team of 5 or more?

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Click Here to Learn How Credits and Usage Work

All plans include FREE credits per month that you can spend in various ways. The amount of credits in your account depends on your plan, so please be sure to take credits provided into consideration when you are choosing your plan. How many credits you need a month will depend on how many contacts you have and how you use your credits. You can spend your credits on a combination of texting, emailing, calling, verifications, AI, phone numbers and A2P 10DLC registration.

Because you can use the credits for any, or all, of the services at any time you wish, it's impossible to say exactly how many texts or emails you will have available in any given month, as the credits are spread out based on how you use them on the various available built-in services that require credits you may never use.

In order to keep subscription prices lower for subscribers, we give you the flexibility to add more credits any time you need them vs. charging for a package of credits.

Free credits are loaded into your account every 30 days, per your plan. If you exhaust the credits before the end of the 30 days, you can add easily add more credits to your account via the billing section in your dashboard, at which time your credit card on file will be charged for only those credits you add. You will only be debited for what you use and any credits you add to your account will always roll-over if not used up during that month. Please note, however, that free credits do not rollover if unused after 30 days.

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How you can spend your credits:

Local Phone Number

Approximately $1.20 per number per month

Toll-Free Phone number

Approximately $2.50 a number per month

A2P 10DL Registration

One-time fee of approximately $22. Only required for local area code phone numbers.

Toll-Free number branding/campaign verification is free.


0.0119 per segment. A segment is approximately 160 characters. You are charged for both outbound and inbound. Costs will be about 2x more if you are sending emojis, symbols, images or videos.

Incoming Calls

0.0128/min. This fee applies only if someone calls your CRM phone number and you pick up, or you have a recorded message in the CRM handle the call.

Outgoing Calls

0.021/min. You can call out from your CRM number with the mobile app, from your desktop, and using the IVR workflow dialer.


0.0014 per email (outgoing only)

Phone & Email Verification

Verification is optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as a protection for you to prevent sending, calling, or texting to bad addresses or numbers. High bounce rates and opt outs for both email and phone/sms risks suspension of services. Verifying helps you get more of your communication delivered to inboxes. You should only need to verify a phone number or email once, but good practice would be to reverify quarterly.

Phone Number verification - 0.005 per phone number verified

Email Verification - 0.0037 per email address verified

AI - Automated Intelligence

We offer various ways to use AI inside of EngageMore PRO. AI usage is optional. Depending on the usage, you will pay based on that usage:

Content AI - generated text/image content - 0.35/1000 words or 0.24 per image

Workflow AI - automated AI communication within a workflow - 0.12 per GPT-4 execution and 0.06 per GPT-3.5 execution

Conversation AI - automated AI responses via text/website chatbots - 0.08/message

Reviews AI - automated AI responses to Google reviews - 0.4 per review response

Use of the In-House AI Ad Generator is an separate upgrade and billed per the plan.

Premium Triggers & Actions

Integrations with third-party software tools within Workflows using in-house Webhooks (can be used in place of Zapier) - 0.02 per workflow action

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't need a website, can I just get the CRM?

Yes, you can just sign up for the CRM. Choose your package and get in here! We can integrate with any other websites or lead sources via Zapier or Webhooks.

What platforms, websites, or lead sources do you integrate with?

Our integration spans across multiple platforms for simple and seamless automation. We do integrate directly with Facebook lead forms and Instagram at no cost. We use Zapier to automate between over 2000 other applications with ease. We also offer a direct Webhook option. You can have your lead provider contact us to discuss webhook integration.

Do you have a free trial?

Okay, so here's the scoop with trials. In our experience, when someone signs up for a trial, there is no skin in game and, thus, very few will actually implement. We know that moving CRM's is a pain, but the reality is that users who pay will probably be more apt to actually move in and start working. Additionally, we have tons and tons of templates and workflows that we cannot just give away during a trial. That said, we would be more than happy to schedule a call or demo to be sure you have all your questions answered. Be sure you have viewed the Demo before you sign up or send a note to our sales team and ask any questions you would like. If you truly are unsure, then only sign up for a monthly plan. We have a strict refund policy due to the digital content we provide, but if you go through our set-up training and show up for LIVE onboarding and you cannot implement after we give you instructions, we will consider a request for refund. We want to see you succeed, not fail or flounder. We will train, coach and support every step of the way. Give yourself time to learn and get set-up and we promise you will see results in the form of more engagement and hopefully more closings in the coming months.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We do not ever require a contract. Our subscriptions are month-to-month. You can always move anytime from a monthly subscription to an annual plan too where you will save 2 months by paying annually. But, we do recommend you only sign up for an annual plan when you know you will stay and use the software. We do have a strict refund policy. Read up the policy in the link at the bottom of this page.

Do you provide leads?

Although we don't offer leads at this time (it's a future feature coming soon), we do provide you an optional in-house ad generator tool that you can sign up for to get leads on your own. It's a great way to get your feet wet in the world of paid advertising. The tool is very easy to use, and you have a choice to have the generator write your ad copy using AI. Our system will easily capture the lead and start engaging with the leads because we have it prebuilt for you. Be sure to watch the training on how our EMPro Ad Generator tool works in the demo.

What if I already have an IDX Broker account and/or my own website. Can we still get into EngageMore PRO?

No problem, yes for sure! We will work with IDX Broker to get access to your account. We offer integration services for IDX Broker to any website too! Just contact us at [email protected] and fill us in on your current needs and we can work with you to get your site set up.

What plans do you offer for teams/brokerages?

Great question! We would love an opportunity to speak to you about a team/brokerage plan. Because your circumstance is unique, we welcome a time to speak to you. Schedule a call HERE so we can learn more about your business needs and we can discuss best options and a competitive pricing plan. Remember that Patti offers team training and coaching quarterly to teams of 4 or more.

Can I transfer (port) the phone number I use in my old CRM and is A2P 10DLC Registration required?

In most cases, you can request porting of your current number. To request this, just send us an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you with instructions. It could take a week or more for the porting of the number so be sure to plan around that if you are currently using it in another CRM software. Also, if you have not already gone through the government requirement of the A2P 10DLC registration required to have a local number, you will be required to do that before you can use your number inside of EngageMore PRO. You can do that when you get into your account here. Learn more about the this requirement HERE. As a side note, we often get asked if you can use your own personal phone number to text out of our CRM and the answer, unfortunately, is no. You would need to request and register for either a local number or a toll-free number, which only requires a short verification process. We will give you all the instructions you need to set up, or port, a phone number inside of EngageMore PRO.

How many emails or texts can I send in my plan and what happens if I run out of credits?

The amount of credits in your account depend on your plan. Credits are used based on how you wish to use them and can be applied toward any or all of these items: email, sms, AI, phone calls, phone numbers, local phone number A2P 10DL Registration. Because you can spend your credits however you wish, it's impossible to say how many sms or emails you would get in any given month as the credits are spent based on your usage of all the above. Keep in mind, that credits used for texting are actually based on segments (not per text) and each segment is approximately 160 characters. Costs can be higher if you are sending emojis, symbols, images or videos. Once you use all your credits, you can add more to your account. You will only be billed for what you use. For a complete breakdown of how credits are used, be sure to read the Credits section on this page.

Can I get a private demo?

Please visit our EngageMore PRO Experience here on this site HERE. If you don't get your questions answered, we would be happy to schedule a demo. Click the chat widget here on this page in the bottom right corner and request a demo. Our team will get back to you shortly.

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I have questions and need to speak to support or the sales team

If you are a current subscriber, you can write us at [email protected]. You can contact our support line you will have access to when you sign up. You can log into your account HERE.

If you wish to speak to our Sales or Support Team, we'd welcome a chance to speak to you and answer all your questions. You can write us at [email protected] or click the chat widget here on this page in the bottom right corner, let us know how we can help you, and we will get back to you very shortly.

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